Monday, June 4, 2012

email: June 4, 2012

This week has been really good actually! I got my bike fixed and it is working better than ever. I am still not feeling the best but I am making it through. I am not dying yet so I don't think I will need to go to the doctors. If I don't start feeling better, I will call the mission nurse and see what she says. I love hearing from the kids about the week and all the stuff that is going on. Stay busy and you won't think about me too much.

I seriously love being a missionary. This week, I really felt the love for the people I am serving and the people that are progressing in the Gospel. Jessica and Demetrius are doing well. It will be cool to see how when they follow the commandments, it will only strengthen their marriage and their love for one another. We meet this guy by where we live that we have given a lot of service to. He is getting married at his home and asks us all the time to come help. His name is Crazy Ray because, well, he is crazy! He even invited us to his wedding on the 22nd so that will be interesting.

We taught Sonia and Elias again. They barbecued for us and cook some AWESOME steaks for us! We then had another bomb lesson with them. They are making so much progress! They ask so many questions which is super good. Their two daughters leave for Mexico this week so we will only be teaching Sonia and Elias. Oh, we are teaching Mary again! Her daughter just got baptized in Marietta and she has been such a good influence on her mom. Mary is supposed to be baptized on Saturday so hopefully we can get her ready for it! We have a baptism on Saturday and on Sunday! We are so excited for it. We had five investigators at Church on Sunday. I taught the Gospel Principles class and has a really Spirit-felt lesson. I have seriously felt the Spirit so much this week. Everything is starting to fall into place. I seriously feel like a missionary now and not some fresh greenie.

There was something very cool that happened this week. We had our zone meeting on Friday and I was chosen to recite Joseph Smith's Standard of Truth. I stood in front of about 20 missionaries and recited it to them. I told them that I loved the Standard of Truth because it reminds me of what being a missionary really means. Whenever I said it, I said it with such great power and feeling that there was a change in the room whenever I said it. I seriously felt the Spirit hit me like a train on my chest. 

Good things are happening here in Beaumont. It will be weird to see Chambers leave but it will be up to me to keep the work going. I love y'all so much.

Elder Tonini

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