Tuesday, May 29, 2012

email: May 29, 2012

We finally did get an email from Elder Tonini today (not quite sure how he was able to email on a day other P-day but that's just the dad in me coming out).  He managed to find some new pants at Ross so hopefully they will last longer than the last pairs. As is typical, his week was full of ups and downs.  First the "ups':

...The ups were that we taught a lot of lessons and found TWO new families to teach! The Ruiz Family and the Sonya and Elias Family (we don't know their last name yet, we haven't asked). They both are really neat families with a thirst to know more about what we teach about. Sonya's sister is dying from cancer and they are going through a lot of family drama so they have been super busy. The Ruiz family is super cool and the kids love us!  We had more bomb lessons with Victor (two with him) and with Jessica and Demitirus. We also found this girl name Elaine and she is super interested in the Church. We have been teaching her and she is really progressing well. Overall, things are going really well!  Oh and we also taught Mary again! Come to find out, her daughter Tammy got baptized about three weeks ago!

And the "downs":

... I have been sick for three days and I broke my bike. I stripped the crank arm and where it screws onto. I can't save it, I need a new one. I am going to take it to the shop and see what the damage will be. On top of that happening, I got super sick on Saturday and I haven't gotten any better... 

He also shared an experience that he had about not using his time wisely which cost them a valuable teaching opportunity.  As he described it:  Chambers chastised me pretty well, which I am super grateful for because now I will never forget those feelings of disappointment in myself.

Raena called the bike shop where we bought the bike and the owner (who is a member of the church) went to Drew's apartment and picked up the bike.  The damage was only $65 so not too bad.  Sure beats having to pay for a fender-bender had he been driving a car!

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