Monday, May 7, 2012

email: May 7, 2012

This week has been a busy one. We taught a lot of lessons and saw a lot of people. Jessica and Demetris are doing so well! They are continuing to progress and starting to be ready for baptism. One thing that I have realized is that having a friend for an investigator is SUPER helpful. They have made friends with a young couple in the ward and it is helping tremendously. I do have some bad news though about Mary... We have had some super good lessons with her and she was really starting to feel the Spirit when she read. She has dropped off so much stuff for us and she was really starting to make progress. We went by on Sunday to see her and she told us to go away and that she didn't want to talk to us anymore. It was seriously a punch in the nose WITH a shot below the belt all in one sentence. We turned away from her house, shaking our head and wondering why she had said that. It really got me depressed for the rest of the day...

On a better note, we had an amazing dinner last night. The family we ate with cooked us the fish that they had caught just 24 hours earlier. It was SUPER good. Plus, we had stuffed bell peppers with cream cheese and Parmesan cheese, pork loin, and really good rice. Plus, we saw something WAY cool on the ride home. They live up in community north of Beaumont and when we came home, we saw two guys on dirt bikes running from the authorities. It was super cool to see! I know that's bad but it was like in the movies!

Another cool thing that is happening this week is that we are having dinner with an investigator tomorrow and I am pretty sure that he is going to BBQ for us. Then on Wednesday, we are having another lesson with Jessica and Demetrius.

Being a missionary has its ups and downs but I sure do love it. Taylor taught me that happiness is a choice, so I am going to make that choice to be happy.

Elder Tonini

Elder Tonini's favorite activity on p-day is playing frisbee golf. He made a birdie on this hole,  throwing it from this distance (that's him leaning against the hole).

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  1. I am glad to see that he isn't going hungry!