Monday, June 11, 2012

email: June 11, 2012

It sounds like it was another up and down week for our favorite missionary serving in the Riverside California mission: 

We had four baptisms this weekend: Mary and the M***** boys! It was a super busy week but I am so glad that we are finally seeing the fruits of our labors. Mary has made such huge strides to be committed to making her baptismal covenants. She has literally made changes in her life that has flipped her 180 degrees. We taught her a lot to get her ready for Saturday but she made it. We are so happy for her and the changes she has made. After her baptism, I felt the Spirit so strongly that I was almost in tears. I loved that feeling.

We then had the M*****'s baptism on Sunday and we had a HUGE turnout. There were 40 people there to support them! It was a 12 year old, a 10 year old, and an 8 year old. All three boys are such good boys. We loved teaching their family. It took some work to get them ready but that family is now complete. 

On the teaching front, during our lesson with Jessica and Demetrius, we proposed the idea of him baptizing her on July 13th. Jessica's eyes got so big and asked if he could really do that. We told her that he could, he would need to get baptized in the upcoming weeks but it could happen. It was super exciting to see the progress that they are making.

It has been difficult for him as his companion gets ready to go home.  There has been a lot of talk about home which can be a challenging for a missionary who has only been out just over three months.   He is ready for the new challenges that having a new companion will bring as well as being the companion with the most time in the area.  Through it all, he keeps thinking about the blessing that he received when he was set apart the promise that is in it. 

He concludes this week letter with this request:

Keep me in your prayers and thank you for all of your prayers in my behalf. Hopefully this week will be a better week and not be so focused on things back home. I love you all, send my love to everyone.

Elder Tonini

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