Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On the Lighter Side

Elder Hay is currently serving in the Mesa Arizona mission and is one of several missionaries serving from our old Bear Creek Ward. His letter this week started out with this funny experience: 

Perhaps I'll start with something amusing that happened to us. We live with some members here in this area. They are about 70 years old and are quite a hoot. We managed to escape from one of their retellings of their life stories on Saturday and get out to our work. We quickly turned down the street and found ourselves in the beloved town homes area of our ward... So as we arrived at the town homes via the secret entrace hole in the wall - Brother Rapier, the owner of the home we live in, calls us. I answer the phone and he tells me, "Oh, by the way Elder Hay, I thought you might want to zip up your zipper before you go tracting today." It was pretty funny at the moment at least.

I am sure Drew will likewise have his share of "lighter moments" on his mission as well.

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