Monday, April 9, 2012

email: April 9, 2012

Mom and Dad,
That is so awesome that you had such a good week. I love looking forward to Dad's, Grandma Tonini's and Thompson's letters every week. I love it. I actually wrote Grandma back and the Thompson's back today :) I have felt pretty accomplished!
Dad, here is my mileage for the week:

Total distance: 82 miles
Average mileage a day: 15 miles
Top speed: 41.1 MPH
Total time spent traveling: about 1:30 a day

That bike is awesome and that little computer was so worth the 12 dollars! I got my Camelbak on Friday when we had Zone meeting. I LOVE IT! It is so awesome and exactly what I was looking for.
So what happened this week? It was actually a good one! We have worked hard and it is actually starting to pay off. We got a referral for a guy that went to General Conference with his best friend's family. His best friend is serving a mission and he is now starting to investigate the Church. We went over and I taught my first ever real lesson to an investigator! It went really really well. We are hoping that he will want to be baptized soon. Our goal is to get a baptism before the end of the month so we are going to work our tails off to make that happen.

There is a young man in the ward that I have kind of taken under my wing in trying to help him be ready to go on a mission. He is struggling in some areas and we are doing our best to help him turn things around. He is actually coming to a lesson tonight because we are teaching his "girlfriend" that isn't a member so hopefully that will go well.

We had two Easter dinners this week! It was really awesome :). I saw that you got the pictures from the Terry's! She is a Texan so we had A LOT in common. I seriously have the best ward, well my Seminole Branch has every ward I will serve in beat BUT they are a close second :). The members are getting excited about missionary work again.
We had a very good Easter Sunday. We were trying to kill time before dinner so we went and stopped by a family that we met to see how they were going. They were having an Easter party and actually invited us in. We got to meet the family and basically crash the party. There was some drinking so we didn't stay long, just enough to make a presence. After that, we were out tracting before dinner and met the coolest lady ever. We were supposed to teach a family in this apartment complex but instead of me going directly to where their door was, I went the long way. I got talking to a lady that was just about to go inside but she talked with us for almost half an hour on her doorstep. She was really upset and looking for more in life to be happy. I bore my testimony to her that the Gospel we share is a gospel that brings happiness and a sense of belonging. She was really interested and wants to learn more so we will be going by her house again. Meeting her would not have happened if I hadn't chosen to take the long way. The Spirit works in many mysterious ways.

That is about all that I can think of to report home. Hopefully I will be sending baptismal pictures home soon! Love you all!
Your Missionary,
Elder Tonini

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  1. I'm so glad I learned about Elder Tonini's blog! I look forward to seeing him grow and reading all about his adventures in the untamed jungles of Southern California.