Monday, April 16, 2012

email: April 16, 2012

My mileage is up to 144 miles so far. We only rode about 60 miles this week but we taught seven lessons instead! We have five new investigators that we are working with. We are finally starting to see the fruits of our labors coming forth. It is really exciting to see how the Lord works through us to touch other peoples lives. And Dad, I love getting your letters during the week. I love getting mail, it makes me feel like I am loved back home ;). I even got a letter from Taylor's mom! That was an awesome surprise. And do you remember Megan? Christian's girlfriend? She got baptized in February and didn't even tell me! I got a letter from her this week and she finally told me. Everyone in the apartment complains about how much mail I get during the week but I love it :)

This week was a busy one for Chambers and I. I will give you a breakdown on how it went:

Monday- It was the usual P Day with shopping, zone activity, emailing and laundry. However, our Elders Quorum President took us out to the driving range to go hit some golf balls. I have never swung a club in my LIFE so I was pretty stoked to learn how to do it. I wasn't the best but it was a lot of fun. We went to a part members house for dinner and had left overs from Easter. I love food holidays! We then left and booked it to another members house to teach a lesson. We were riding as fast as we could in the dark when a car passed us on the street then flipped their lights on. It was the California Highway Patrol. I about had to change my shorts because I thought for sure that we were about to get a ticket for riding our bikes without a light. But it actually turned out to be one of our ward members that is a CHP Officer! He about gave me a heart attack. He just wanted to say hi to us and see how we were doing. We then taught a bomb of a lesson at the Pratt home with one of our investigators there. It was a great way to end our P Day.

Tuesday - We had a lesson with one of our less actives in the morning. She too is starting to make good progress to coming back to church. After that we went to interviews with President Smart. That went really well, I love my mission president and his wife. We then went and gave service all afternoon. I was so tired but it was well worth it. We mowed a lawn, weed eated, and cut down a tree for a lady that is hurt her shoulder and is having trouble getting better. After that, we went and helped with a Scout service project to help clean up a local road in town. I love giving service and giving back to the community. It was a long day of service but it was well worth it.

Wednesday - Nothing really big happened but we did eat at this really good sandwich place in town. It was super good and members of the church even own the place too so it was good. It rained all morning! We were soaked in the morning but it stopped by the afternoon. Little did we know that there was more rain to come...

Thursday - We taught two investigators! It was awesome. We taught a couple the Restoration and they wanted us to come back and teach them more. We gave them a Book of Mormon and they prayed at the end of the lesson as well. They are pretty solid, all we need to do is help them keep their commitments and feel the Spirit. We taught Victor that night and we invited him to be baptized! That was an awesome feeling to actually invite someone to come into the waters of baptism. He didn't say yes but he is going to pray about it and see what answer he gets. I really really hope he says yes when we go back on Thursday to teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love teaching and helping people to feel the Spirit! We are hoping to have a baptism very soon in our ward. Our ward has been dry for about a year... We are hoping that we can change that around!

Friday - Oh Friday... Friday was so miserable! It rained ALL DAY LONG. The work doesn't stop for anything so we went out and made visits all morning. Elder Chambers was in a meeting all day so I was with the Beaumont Ward Missionaries until he got back. We rode ten miles in the cold, freezing rain. We saw one lady and we talked to her for a little about how her family is doing. We came home and were about to die from frost bite. We threw our clothes into the dryer and fell asleep because we were exhausted and feeling miserable. After our clothes dried, we walked in a down pour to see one of my newer investigators, Mary. She let us in and we ended up teaching her about the Restoration and we then invited her to church. She actually said yes! She was so flattered that we would walk in the rain to go see her. It was well worth the walk to go knock on her door. I earned some MAJOR wife points from working all day in the rain. The work must go on, through rain or shine!

Saturday - Saturday was a pretty normal day. We taught a less active member in the morning then went down to a fishing derby that one of our neighbors was running. We didn't get to see him but we stayed busy all day. We talked to a lot of people and visited a lot of members in the ward that we haven't met yet. Overall, Saturday was very productive.

Sunday - This was my favorite day this week. We had beautiful weather and our investigator, Mary, came to church! She even stayed for all three meetings. Even though she might have been overwhelmed, she really felt the Spirit. I was so excited to have her there! WE really feel like she could be baptized very soon. She is a Southern Baptist raised in Texas so it will take some work but she is really starting to open up. I got a really bad headache when I got home from church so that kinda hindered our work... I felt terrible that we didn't do as much as we could have but I really felt horrible. We had a good dinner and then went to visit a part member family. That visit went really well! The husband told us last night that he wants to take his family to church so we invited him to come and he's going to take his family next Sunday! We are actually going to go play disk golf with him later this afternoon :)
That's my week and hopefully we will have another one this coming week. Send my love to everyone. Love you and keep you eye single to the glory of God!
Elder Tonini

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