Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Non-Farewell Farewell

Is it still a missionary farewell even if you don't call it a missionary farewell?  Today's sacrament meeting consisted of Raena using examples from the Old Testament to to teach the principle of obedience (she did such a fabulous job), I spoke on how the Scouting program helps develop a Priesthood Man, our kids were joined by their Frisco/Prosper cousins in singing I Hope They Call Me on a Mission as the intermediate hymn, and Drew was the concluding speaker.  He spoke about the importance of faith in missionary work.  You would have never known that he lost the first version of the talk and rewrote the entire thing two hours before church!  And in carrying on with the Tonini family tradition, he read Uncle Ross' Don't Look Back at the Wheel story to illustrate the application of faith.  If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it just might be a farewell.

We are very grateful that Darren, Heidi and their family as well as Kimball and Maya were able to be here with us this weekend. 
Uncle Darren, Aunt Heidi, Dad, Drew, Mom, and Uncle Kimball
Siblings and cousins

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