Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lamesa Day Trip

On January 27th, I took our missionaries down to Lamesa, Texas to go check up on the part member families that live in that area. The first person we went to talk to was not there, so we tracted the street surrounding the house. We talked to this woman that was on her way to work but told us that the houses we were about to go knock that there was not anyone living there. We took the advantage to share our message and she was very much interested in what we had to say. She has been looking for a church to attended for 18 years and she is very interested in the message that we have to share. That was fifteen minutes into our day so we were diligent and kept working in the area. We would knock and talk to the less active member, if they were even home, and then tract the surrounding area. When we were walking down a main road, we had someone yell an exploitative when they drove by. Elder Clark said, "That's okay, Heavenly Father still loves him the same too". We knocked on a few more doors and talked with a few people that made return appointments. After we went through our full list, we went to visit with an elderly woman that was a member. She welcomed us in and we talked for a while with her. Come to find out, she has been going to the local Baptist church for 20 years! We challenged her to come to Seminole to come to our services but she could not promise us anything. After that, we went to Presley's who showed us the way to the last family we were going to talk to that evening. They were an awesome family and they fed us dinner. We shared our message and challenged them to come to make the effort to come to church. All in all, the trip was a success and gave me a taste of how my mission will be.

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