Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Want to Ride my Bicycle

Check another To-Do item off the Missionary Checklist: Raena ordered Drew's bike this week.  The mission has worked with a couple of local bike shops to make this is as easy as possible.  Drew's Haro Flightline was purchased from Joel's Bicycle Shop in Thousand Palms, California.  They assemble and deliver the bike to the mission home and include a helmet, lock, pedal clips, water bottle, and the cage.  We opted for the upgrade and changed out the off-road tires to street "slicks" so he won't have to work quite so hard as he is pedalling down the street.

Raena also picked up his bedding.  On the suggestion of the mission home, we will just ship that straight to the mission instead of him having to carry that on the plane.

Can he really be leaving a week from tomorrow?

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