Monday, February 27, 2012

And He's Off!

Okay, this is now real.  Today at 11 am, Drew boarded his flight (via Houston appropriately) to Salt Lake.  Everybody was up early this morning so instead of sitting around looking at each other, we decided to go to Midland early and do some errands before Drew left.  We stopped at Walmart to try out Drew's new debit card (it worked) and to buy a laundry bag.  While Raena and Drew went shopping for a second pair of shoes at Kohl's (how did we forget that?), Carson and I ran over to Academy to get him some new athletic shoes.  They are a little too red for my tastes, but he likes them and that is what is important. 

We ended up trying to do a little too much and didn't get him back to the airport until 10:10.  Fortunately, Midland isn't a very busy airport so he didn't have any problem checking his bags or getting through security.  We were able to say our goodbyes, pose for one more picture, and then watch him go through security. 

 It was a little surreal to be blowing a good bye kiss to our son as he walked off towards his gate.  I will confess that I am a little worried about whether or not he will struggle with homesickness.  He is such a home body!

What he didn't know was that Grandpa Barry Romney was going to meet him in SLC and not his Aunt Rochelle Thompson.  Grandpa had a meeting in St George and was flying through SLC a few hours before Drew so he stayed behind security and waited to great Drew at the gate.  Tomorrow he will go to the Salt Lake Temple and then Wednesday he reports.   

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