Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family Temple Trip

One of the advantages of being over the youth is that Raena and I are able to plan branch activities around our family schedule (is that unrighteous dominion?).  With Carson turning twelve last month and Drew leaving on his mission next week, we wanted to have a branch temple trip that would fit in that window so that we could be in the temple with all of our children.  Friday night, we were able to do just that.  To make the night even more memorable, we had four male and six female family file names that Grandma Tonini and Grandma Romney had sent us (the Romney names had arrived that afternoon).  Drew spent most of the night in the font so he was able to baptize Corina but I pulled rank and baptized Carson since it was his first time in the temple.  (Drew was able to do the confirmation).

As we drove home that night, Raena and I talked about the singularity of what had just happened.  It could be years again before we are all in the temple again.

From l-r: Corban, Carson, Elijah, Dustin, Jacob, Corina, Bricia, and Cheyene - the youth of the Seminole Branch.  All but two of our youth are present. 

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