Monday, July 9, 2012

email: July 9, 2012

So this week has been another up and down week for me. This is starting to be a common theme on my mission. We had started to have a falling out with one of our investigators again. She started to say stuff behind my back to the Beaumont missionaries and to my ward mission leader about how she wants to switch missionaries, how we aren't spiritual enough for her and stuff like that. She has said rude stuff about how my parents didn't raise me right and how her baptism didn't mean anything to Chambers and I. We have now fixed everything but she seriously made me feel like a failure of a missionary. Needless to say, I got really depressed. I couldn't sleep or focus on anything because it was bothering me so much. I did call my Zone Leaders and they talked me through everything. They really helped me to feel better. Everything is good now but that was tough to swallow...

My 4th of July was so cool! We had a regular work day up until 6 pm and then we had to be with a member family. We went with this family in our ward to go eat and then watch the fireworks at the park. Apparently the Indian Reservation give the city almost $30,000 for fireworks! It was super awesome. Plus we also saw Jefferson Starship play in the park. It was so cool! The fireworks were super legit as well. We saw Victor there with the O'Harra family so it was a super good 4th of July for me.

We got Victor baptized this week! I saw that you talked to Sister O'Harra this week. She told me that you got emotional on the phone. I love you mom :). I would send you pictures of the baptism but the USB port isn't working on this computer... The O'Harra's bought Victor a quad for his baptism and I bought him a tie. He really appreciated it and was almost in tears when we gave it to him. He is so legit Mom, I love him to death. He is talking about going to the temple to receive his endowments a year from now. When he goes to get them, I can go with him! I am so stoked about that as well. Overall, he is just a stud and a super awesome convert. Brother O'Harra confirmed him and Austin O'Harra baptized him. There were so many people at his baptism, it was insane!

I have some bad news about Jessica and Demetrius...  Jessica went to a Born Again Christian church and she really liked it. Demetrius though is still on the fence. He really wasn't sure about the Born Again church. He likes our church with the structure and the focus on the family. There is still hopefully hope for him to feel the Spirit and want to be baptized. He feels that the Church is true but he hasn't received a sure confirmation about it. I testified to him that the key to know is to read the Book of Mormon and to pray specifically to know that the Book is true. I am hoping and praying that he will want to make that step in his life to come closer to Christ.

Robert came home today from Pebble Beach! When I walked outside to his truck, he got out and gave me a huge hug. No one can replace Dad but he seriously feels like a father figure to me. We get along so well and his wife loves us. We are actually going over tonight for desert. His wife invited us over :).  They would be such a strong family in the Church. Hopefully we can work with them to get them ready to accept the Gospel.

Well, that is all from Beaumont for last week. We are working hard and staying focused. I love you and miss everyone back home. Let everyone in the branch know that I love them and miss them. Send my regards to President Shummway and President Davis. Love you and talk to yall soon!

Elder Tonini

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