Thursday, July 5, 2012

Call from CA

This morning I received a call from CA.  At first I thought it might be a political call, but I felt like I needed to answer.  The caller was Sister O'Hara (I hope that is right!) and she was calling to let me know that I have a wonderful son.  Knowing what it would mean to a missionary mom to hear about her son (she's a missionary mom herself), she asked Drew for my number.  Victor, who is going to be baptized this Saturday is a family friend.  They have welcomed him into their home and family and have done a wonderful job of planting the seed of the gospel and helping it grow.  Drew and his companion had an incredible discussion with Victor where the Spirit was sooooo strong.  Drew felt impressed that he needed to challenge Victor for baptism.  Victor's best friend is currently serving in Paraguay.  His sister got married last week and he had permission to call her.  When they came out of the temple, Drew called and let them know that Victor is getting baptized.  They were then able to tell their son and he was so excited and emotional.  I told Sister O'Hara about Drew being promised in a father's blessing the beginning of his senior year that there were people, even then, being prepared to hear the gospel from him.  She then said that Victor is a fulfillment of that blessing.  She said that he is being obedient and following the Spirit.  What more could a mother ask?  It really made my day and I am still floating!!!  Thanks for the call!!!

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  1. Wow!! So neat. It makes me more aware of simple acts that mean so much to missionary families. Like the guy that took a picture of Drew and sent it to you when he was in route to MTC or CA. What a sweet phone call --- missionary mom to missionary mom. YEAH!!!!