Monday, July 23, 2012

email: July 23, 2012

My week a good one. On Monday, we did the usual and went to play Disk Golf with Robert. After that, we went and ate dinner with a family that was super fun. They have four kids and they are such a handful! They are so full of energy. After that we went to our lesson with Kim and Karen. Victor went with us and had a super bomb lesson! He was able to teach and to bring the Spirit there. We then went to a member's house to teach one of our investigators. She is dating the oldest son of the family so we taught the entire family in the process. It was a really good lesson and we had such great discussion!

On Tuesday, we went to DDM (District Development Meeting) then went out to eat with Austin. He took us to Tacos and Beer, which was really good! We then had to wait and get our A/C fixed in the afternoon. That in itself took the all afternoon because the guy took forever to show. We then went shopping because we ran out of time on Monday to do it. I have decided that I am going to do everything I can to loose some weight. So every morning I have only a protein shake and something small for lunch. We will see the results and how things will turn out! We taught Victor another lesson, he is making so much progress that it is awesome to see him make such great strides.

On Wednesday, we had one of Larson's recent converts come visit him. Her brother is also really good friends with him so we talked for a good while in the morning, making sure that they are doing okay and staying active. We then went tracting then off to teach another recent convert lesson. We taught the M**** Family about the Prophet Joseph Smith. We watched Prophet of the Restoration with them. They actually learned something new from it so that was a successful lesson. We then had dinner with a family and taught them a lesson about Ammon and the lessons we can learn from him.

Thursday we went to finish a survey that we had to do for the mission. Paul P. Pieper is coming to talk to us and he wanted us to complete this survey about Preach My Gospel. That took ALL MORNING! The library was so full, it was crazy. After that, we went to a less active's house to have lunch with him. He loves missionaries but is having a hard time coming to church. He did tell us though that he will come to church next Sunday with us! We then went and taught Daniel a lesson. We stopped to help him in the yard after we finished, he went inside to grab him Book of Mormon and wanted a lesson. We are trying everything we can to help build his testimony. After that, we went to Victor's again for a lesson. He told us that he missed getting into the police academy. He was bummed but he then told us that he is now thinking about going on a mission. How legit would that be! He continues to amaze me every single week.

On Friday, we met this really super family that were having a garage sale. They remembered us because we helped them randomly when we walked by them in the past. We ended up getting some things ( I got a Holy Grail shirt!) and offered to help paint a room for them while they were out doing the garage sale. We went to the Sandwich Stoppe to eat lunch and it was SO good! Members own it so they gave us 50% off :). That night, we went back to start taping the room to get it ready to paint in the morning.

Saturday was transfer calls! I am staying in Beaumont along with everyone else in the apartment. It was super crazy but exciting. We painted the room bubblegum pink. WAY too pink but that was what they wanted. After that, we went and cleaned Brother D**'s pond and then ate lunch at their house again. They were out of town and they asked us to clean the pond and feed the dogs. In return, they told us to eat the T-bone steaks that were in the freezer! They were sooo good, I barbequed them and they were super tasty.

Sunday was pretty awesome as well. As I was talking with another member, I see Kim walk in the chapel! I stopped the conversation and got up to make sure that she sat with us and that she felt comfortable. I taught Sunday school and that went really well. Kim liked church and we will talk to her today about how things went. I came down with a SUPER bad migraine that afternoon so I was out of commission almost the whole afternoon... We did though have dinner with Vic and then taught one of his buddies. He feels that the Church is true but he is scared that his family will disown him. We will continue to work with him and see if we can get him ready for baptism!

That was my week, not as eventful as y'alls but all in all a good one.

Sure do love you all!

Elder Tonini

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