Monday, January 13, 2014

"Look at that plying flane!" - Elder Anderson

We had a pretty crazy week. Ready for it? Leggo!

Monday morning I got my haircut again from Sister S**** and we had a good talk. She has become one of my favorite people in this ward. We got that done and then went to email and shop. After that, we hung out at the house. I worked out and got to get some good studying in for my meeting the next day. We had dinner with Brother B**** and it was actually not bad. It was good company and we had a good chat. He would turn the NCAA National Championship game on occasionally during dinner to see what the score was. I didn't complain haha. He even check the weather in Minot for me because he likes to give me crap for going back to such a cold place. Oh well, I've been getting that for a while now. We had a quick lesson with him and then we went out to get our OYMs. It was a good Pday and we got some good work done.

Our Tuesday morning started out with me having another DLC meeting and then having a DDM. The best part was that I got to see Sister Pack after the meeting! She was on exchanges with someone in the zone and so I got to see her and catch up on things with her. I trained over the Good Samaritan and how it was Christ prophesying of Himself and the Atonement he would perform for us. I have learned really how the Atonement works these past few weeks. It hasn't been pretty but I have learned so much for everything. Anyways. Our dinner dropped off money so we went and got wings at Wingstop which was super good! We came back to have a comp study together and then headed out. I ended up contacting this young man on the street that allowed us to follow him back to his home to give him and his home a blessing. In the middle of it, his mom walks in and joins us. It was a pretty cool experience, the Spirit was super strong there. Isaac had questions over the Spirit World that we are going to teach him this week. I don't think the mom likes us too much so we are going to tread carefully. We tried back to see Ivan and set something up for the next day which we did so that was good to do. On the way back, Trevor was trying to open up a Hershey's kiss while riding his bike and he tanked it right in the middle of the road. He busted up his knee pretty nicely. I was trying hard to not give him a hard time but I couldn't help myself. While we were ridding to Cale's house to teach him, I was giving him a hard time while we were riding down Magnolia. After I said a few things, I turned back to keep riding and when I turned my head to see where he was, he blind-sided me on his bike and sent me flying into the curb, over the handlebars and into the grass. He, on the other hand, didn't end up so well.

We pulled him from the pavement and avoiding the traffic and we got him to the side of the road on the grass. He banged his knee up super bad, his ankle bad and he had road rash on his arms and a bit on his chin. A cop saw us on the street and he stopped to talk to us and give us some support. Trevor couldn't move and the cop was fixin' to call an ambulance. We told him no, we were gonna get him up and going. What we did was that we gave Trevor a blessing on Magnolia, in front of a cop. It was pretty crazy. We got him up and he held Elder Anderson's backpack as he pulled him to Cale's house which was right down the street. Trevor wanted to go to Urgent Care so we did. Cale and Kim dropped us off and we got Trevor looked at. There was a member from my ward in Moreno Valley that was there and they actually gave us a ride home when we finished at almost midnight. THEN there was a member in Riverside that was trying to get a hold of us, since we are phone-less at the moment, to set up to teach one of his co-workers. He drove up to Kaiser to see us. It was a riot with the three of us in the hospital because of the jokes and things we would tease each other. For instance, while Trevor was getting his vitals checked, he interrupted the nurse and said "Umm, excuse me, can I have a big band aid? My arm is sticking to the [wheel]chair". Elder Anderson and I about fell over laughing. We were so tired that we were losing our minds. Trevor's diagnoses is a bruised knee and a bruised ankle. He got crutches and a little shoe thingy for his ankle. Boy, was that an adventure or what?!? That's what happens when you are busting your butt to work as hard as you can with a pretty big chip on your shoulder like I do right now.

After our adventure, we taught Ivan that morning and we had a Come-to-Jesus meeting with him. We told him that if he doesn't come to church then we aren't going to meet with him anymore. Guess what? He didn't come so we are dropping him. He still wants to be friends and everything but we have to fulfill our purpose first. We made visits and went to the G****'s to hopefully teach Melissa but that fell through so we busted our butts to teach Cale. That went well and we are making progress with him. Hopefully he will get baptized this month!

We taught Melissa Thursday morning and that went well too! We have had good lessons with her and she understands well. We taught the second half of the Plan of Salvation and it answered some questions for her. We are pushing for her to get baptized this month so we are going to do all we can to help her make that commitment. We had our usual lesson with John with Brother Hill and that went okay, about as good as its gonna get. We taught the second half of the Plan again and tried to finish it but we had to go back to the G****'s to make Cale's cinnamon toothpicks to help him quit smoking. After that, we had dinner at the E**** and taught the kids a lesson too. They were super cool and Brother E**** has a SICK motorcycle! A black and red Yamaha R6. It is sick! We then got our OYMs and called it a night.

Friday was fun too! Our lesson with the referral fell through... So we did weekly planning and finished our scripture boxes. Mine is super cool! Anyways, we taught Trevor again and then weekly planned. We had tortas for dinner at the M****'s and that was super yummy and good company. We then went and saw Eddy and that was something else. As we crested his hill, we see his garage open and he come out wearing white bed sheets. We should have turned around but we didn't. As we talked to him, we felt like we shouldn't be there so we got out of there as soon as possible. But before we left, he gave Elder Anderson a huge hug and grabbed his butt and THEN gave him a "holy kiss" on the cheek. No bueno! We got out of there ASAP. We saw Tom and found out that he read and prayed! So we are gonna see him on Tuesday. Quite a way to end a night for sure.

We saw a lot of people on Saturday to get them to church and then had a good Sunday. Overall, it was a good week. We missed getting the Standard by TWO people at church! Dangit! Oh well, building for next week. I love y’all and I feel y’all’s prayers and fasting for me. I am learning important things right now and I hope and pray for y’all’s continuing support. I love y’all and I promise to finish out this next six weeks strong!

- Elder Tonini

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