Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Let's look at the pros of this situation of me getting ran over by a car..." -Elder Anderson

Alright, I had a pretty eventful week. Ready for it? Leggo.

We had a pretty chill PDay. Shopping got done and then we emailed after that. With us being so far away from the other zone, we really don't get to go do activities so we end up hanging out at the house. We worked out and got ready for the week. I finished my last planner cover so that was fun. Our trip to the mall was good too, we got to walk around and get some things off of our minds. Dinner was good and then we went to Kaiser to visit some people in the hospital. We went to go see Mr. Swanson but while we were about to go into his room, a member up in Lake Arrowhead stopped us and was basically in tears to see us because her mother was not doing well in ICU. So we went and gave her a blessing and gave Sister J**** one as well. It's funny how the Lord works sometimes :). The right place at the right time. We went back to see Mr. Swanson and see how he is doing. We finished our OYMs and then went home.

Tuesday morning we went and saw Sister M**** and she was already making progress in the short time we have been seeing her. We ran off to DDM which went well. Sister Anderson, who was trained by Sister Gambling, is back in my district so it was good to see her again! Just like old times haha. I love doing comp intro's too because it's always funny to see what everyone else says about their companion. I trained over revelation, prayer, and fasting so hopefully they got something good out of it. That has been something I had been doing lately so I thought it would be good to go over. We had lunch and then did our studies for the day then headed out. Nothing really happened until that night because we went and saw Allison and Nick. It was a good time because those kids are crazy! Ryker and Brooklynn are super fun but nuts. We set something up to come by and see them on Saturday for lunch so that will be a good time.

Wednesday morning was spent at the hospital again seeing our people. There is a meditation room in the hospital that has a table where there are Bibles and Psalms on it. We leave a Book of Mormon on the table and every time we see that it's gone, thinking that some has been taking it, we replace it. We learned that the chaplain in the hospital takes it and hides it in the free magazine rack. Sister J**** saw him take it and so she is going to complain to the Kaiser. Oh well, we'll just keep putting them out there hoping that we can answer someone's answers to the soul with the Book of Mormon. We then went and saw Tom to see how his reading is going and he actually read and had questions. Next thing is to get him to come to church. Dinner with the D**** family is always fun. We ate wings from Wing Stop and it was super good. It is always fun going over there because Brother D**** is a riot. Our lesson with Cale fell through but we went and taught Jimmy instead. He is a good guy, just starting to come back to church so he is eager to learn and sit in on our lessons with Cale. He's a tow truck driver so he always has some good stories for us.

We weekly planned on Thursday but only got part of it done so we are gonna have to finish it on Friday. We rode up the hill to go see Jean but she wasn't there... So we rode back home to get ready to see John. We taught John again with Brother H*** and again, it went as well as it could go. He is reading like crazy but he is still not willing to accept baptism or coming to church. So we'll have to see what we are gonna do with him. Our dinner with the Ji****'s was super awesome. We are working with their friend, Rodney, and so we got some good insight on him. The dinner went a little longer than we wanted but we had a good lesson and good company. They cooked salmon and chicken, Hawaiian style. Super good! We then taught Cale and that went okay. We answered more of his questions and we are trying everything to get him to stop smoking but he still is so it feels like we aren't doing enough... Just gotta keep praying and fasting for him.

So y'all are probably been wondering about my subject topic for the email. Friday will explain why he said that because he really did get hit by a car on Friday on his bike. We finished weekly planning and planned on riding to go see the Bishop's family to talk to them about Melissa. We rode over the freeway overpass and we both were coming down the hill and crossed the light as I rode past the entrance for a gas station. The car saw me go past and waited for me but then didn't see Anderson coming up behind me. She pulled into the entrance and she nailed Anderson on his bike. He went flying, bike and all. I heard the impact and I bailed on the bike to go and make sure he was okay. He jumped right up and OYMed the girl that hit him. She hit him hard enough to leave a huge dent in her front bumper. We told her that he was okay and he even told her that "there is a reason why you hit me... check out this card when you calm down and get in touch with us." Goodness, I love that Elder! He is fine, just a little sore from the impact. Worst part is was that the Bishop's family wasn't even home! Bummer. We went and saw Tom again and had a good lesson with him. But oh no, we are not finished with the bikes. We were riding to dinner, which cancelled on us anyways, when I wasn't watching the road and I got into a fight with a pothole in the bike lane and lost BADLY. I ate it hard, got some blood going and ripped up a shirt. I was hurting pretty bad... It was more embarrassing more than anything. We did pick up a new investigator named Vincent so hopefully we'll get to see him this weekend. Our dinner fell through and so we decided to ding-dong ditch the D**** family because we were in their complex but they weren't home. We stopped by the Ji****s to borrow their phone and we ended up teaching Rodney! I love that kid so much, he's gonna be the coolest convert ever. We went to Taco Bell to eat then rode home. Quite an eventful day! It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt... Then it’s hilarious. NOT! Just another way the Adversary is trying to slow us down. Not gonna happen!

Elder Tonini and Elder Moss

We had a stake breakfast with the Stake President and that is always good to get to see everyone. The Assistants picked us up and had a good breakfast. We brought clothes to change into for service but that ended up falling through so we decided to have some recovery time for the day before so we slept for an hour so we can function for the rest of the day. Brother G**** came by and we talked about the ward and we set up a ride to go to that night's session of stake conference. After that, we went to the park with Allison and Nick with the kids for lunch and then had a lesson with them. Nick is a super good guy, we are wanting to help this family so much! I had fun riding a razor scooter with a pink helmet, jumping curbs and what not haha. We taught Cale before the session and invited him to come to the stake conference. Brother G**** took us to Costco to eat and then we went to the session. I had a lot on my mind when the session ended and I sat there in my thoughts when one of the Assistants pulled me aside and we talked. He told me something that I will never forget. He told that God loves me and that he loves me too, no matter what. That was answer to prayer because I have really been feeling alone... It was comforting to hear that from him. It was a simple thing but it meant a lot to me.

Sunday we had two sessions of conference and that was super nice. We had a broadcast from SLC so that was unusual but President Eyring spoke to us and it hit me hard. It was awesome. After lunch, we had a lesson with Rodney and we are gonna get him baptized in February! He is gonna read and pray and it is gonna be sick. I am so stoked. We then had dinner with the P**** family and we made our own pizzas. Yup, I love pizza. We then went to see a potential but they fell through but the highlight of the night was throwing the football with the kids in the street. I still got my arm! They would say it sounds like a missile falling from the sky haha. I miss those days playing in the street! It was a good night nonetheless and a good way to end the week.

I have learned this week how important prayer and scriptures are. Really, it is through Christ we can do anything! I love Him with all my heart and I know He is always here for me. And He is always here for all of us too. I love y'all and I am gonna make these last five weeks count. Have a good week and we will talk soon.

Elder Tonini

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