Wednesday, January 2, 2013

email: January 2, 2013

So the library was closed until today so I couldn't have emailed y'all until today so here we go!

It was so good to talk to everyone on Christmas. The Lucas' were there watching the first part of the card thing that y'all did to break the news about the move. Brother Lucas thought that was very clever and that was the first thing that he asked when he saw me afterwards. I have a love-hate relationship with the calls home because I miss my family so much and I love talking to y'all but it does make me a little trunkie afterwards. However, I got over that fast because we had a lot of things to do!

Not much has changed since we last talked. Blake is doing well, still progressing and still having the desire to get baptized. His family wasn't a big fan for it... Blake had a falling out with his dad and now they aren't on speaking terms. Their only concern was that they couldn't go into the temple to see Blake get married. We actually talked to his mother on the phone to try and resolve her concern. We explained it the best we could but still she wouldn't let him get baptized when he said he would. However, Jeff (his close friend) will get to baptize him later this month so it will all work out. Both of those young men are fantastic.

That is really the only big thing that has happened in the regards to missionary work. Our goal this month is to translate our progressing investigators into baptisms so we will see how that will go. I do get to go back to Beaumont (hopefully) to see Jacob get baptized on Saturday! It will be good to see everyone and to see Jacob take this new step in his life.

I do have some bad new though... I think I have banned myself from playing basketball. On Christmas night, I got elbowed in the eye and it swelled up shut. I seriously thought that the Elder had cracked my orbital, it hurt that bad. I was enraged when he did that because he intentionally tried to go through me. Was the elbow intentional? I don't know nor will he say but none the less, he hit me hard. So I have banned myself from playing basketball because I upset people when I play hard in the paint. I got some good pictures, don't let mom see! We played volleyball for our New Years Eve activity and that was a good break from basketball.

Other than that, things are going well. I am feeling a little under the weather but none the less, I am doing fine. I have my hard days but I get through them and go work harder when I feel depressed about things. The Church is true, that is what matters! And that my Savior loves me with all His heart and He knows what I am going through. Love you all and can't wait to talk to you again on Skype!

Elder Tonini

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  1. I don't know how long after the elbowing this picture was taken, but he still looks ticked! Gee, I wonder where he gets his competitive gene from?