Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day Call

We just got off the phone with Elder Tonini.  We kicked the call off by telling him that we had received an email from his mission president asking us that we revalidate his knowledge of the family before he could have his Christmas call.  (Of course, we had received no such letter).  Raena made up some cards (think "The Newlywed Game) asking questions ranging from Corina's age to Jacob's positions on the baseball diamond.  The last card asked, where is the Tonini family moving this summer?  His first question was, "which Tonini family?"  He took the news much better than we expected.  

He caught us up on what has been going on.  He got pulled over a few days ago (by a BICYCLE COP) for making an illegal left-hand turn.  Fortunately he still has his Texas driver's license so the policeman believed him when he said he hadn't been in Moreno Valley for very long.

He enjoys having Brother and Sister Baugh in his ward.  Drew's Grandpa Tonini had been the Baugh's bishop when we lived in the Fairfax Ward and Brother Baugh was my (and Uncle Geoff's) scoutmaster.  Drew loves to hear them talk about his grandparents and the respect that they have for them.  He was over at their house the other day and Sister Baugh accidently called Drew "Geoff."  The expression on Drew's face when he told the story was priceless.

Talking to your missionary son at Christmas and Mother's Day is a two-edge sword.  You love to see and hear them but you also realize how much you miss them.  Fortunately, we know that he is on the Lord's errand and that makes the separation (a little) easier.

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