Monday, December 3, 2012

email: December 3, 2012

My dearest Mother,

I am so glad that Grandma Tonini got to spend some time there with y'all! She was really excited to be there with everyone. Sounds like things are going well for the family! I am super excited for everyone getting their mission call! I was super excited about Adrian going! I love that kid and miss him so much. And my Cole is going too! That is such awesome news. When you talk to them, give them my address and we will write. I am glad that the radio show worked! It was really an awesome experience, I went out with a bang! And now I am rockin' it in MoVal!

I love my new area! I get a 4x4 truck, and awesome companion and an even better ward. Elder Spencer is my companion and he is actually from Payson, Utah! [Editor's note: Elder Tonini was born in Payson.] We get along very well (at least I feel like it) and work hard together. I got to talk to Patriarch Baugh on Sunday! [Patriarch Baugh was Elder Tonini's dad's Scoutmaster.] I bore my testimony and afterwards he came up and gave me a huge hug. He had told me that he had been asking around, trying to find where I was and now I am in his ward! I am actually in Elder Chamber's old ward so that has been awesome as well. I live with another set of Elders so I am back in a four-man. I love it there, our apartment is actually really nice! I live with a Samoan; he is so much fun! He is one of my good friends now. It has been a blessing to be in this area already. My zone is fantastic. We are a small zone but we had the most baptisms last month! That goes to show how good this city is and the missionaries here as well. We live on the bottom floor so now I can do squats and other legs workouts! I did legs this morning and it about killed me. Plus, we are playing baseball this afternoon as a zone so it will be good!

This week was mainly filled with a lot of teaching and for me to get to know that area. Since we are talking soon on Skype, I will save the good stories to tell you in person :). This new way of tracting, we now call it harvesting, it super amazing! We have seen the Spirit work in ways that I have never seen it or felt it work like that. We really are finding the elect now and it was wayyyyy better than the old way. Our mission goal is to have 1,000 convert baptisms and we are a little over 800 so we will see if we can do it. We have faith that this new harvesting will double our monthly baptism count! It was awesome, President was truly inspired to implement this idea into the mission. Things are going well here and I love my new responsibility. I have come to realize why I want to be a father and a husband so bad. I actually LIKE the responsibility; it helps me to stay focused and I love seeing other people progress from me helping them. This mission has truly been a blessing to me. I cannot believe that it is almost half way over...

Some housekeeping things: I don't need a new camera. I got a super nice Canon PowerShot from a member so I am good there. I would love some more athletic clothes, like some Nike Dri-Fit shirts and some shorts too. And some Nike Elite socks would be LEGIT too! I would also LOVE a Rangers New Era hat! Jake knows what hat I like. I can't remember my hat size... Look on my old Tampa Bay hat and see what size it is. I think if you went one size higher that it would be good! I would also LOVE for you to send me my Oakley sunglasses as now I am in car. I "need" them for when I drive! And some new ear socks (black or red ones) would be awesome for them as well. And if all else fails, cash would be awesome too! If no one can think of anything, money is a good thing for me :). And I got golf clubs from Robert's grandfather! I golfed a few times on Preparation Day! I plan on sending them home before the end of my mission anyways. I didn't pay a dime for them anyways!

Well, things are going well here. I still have my little struggles but I am turning them over to the Lord. I love and miss you all. Keep me updated and I will talk to you soon! LOVE YOU!

The Texan in Cali,

Elder Tonini

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