Monday, September 10, 2012

email: September 10, 2012

I am so happy to hear things are going well for y'all back home. It must have been so much fun to have Grandpa there for a couple of days. School always seems to make things go by super fast. It is a good thing when time is flying, or at least it is a good thing for me!

This week has been an interesting week for me. After I found out that I am getting a new missionary from the MTC, I prepared for him to come into the apartment by cleaning it really well. He is adjusting really well. He played rugby for BYU so he is still pretty ripped. It is sooooo nice because he actually gets up to workout with me in the morning. I will hopefully start cutting weight and getting back into shape! He still has a long ways to go but he will do just fine. He is learning so much already.

We study an extra hour for comp study so that is kind of a pain but we need to do it. It is funny to hear him teach or contact people in the street because he will say the same stuff I say. I never realized that the people you have responsibility over really do look up to you and follow your example.

I have two experiences to share with y'all. The first one has to do with Carol, Robert's wife. As y'all know, we have been teaching them for quite a bit of time now. Well on Friday, we had dinner with them and we were planning on teaching a lesson to them. That morning as I got ready to study, I felt like I needed to study for someone so I got on my knees and asked who that person was. I got my answer almost immediately and it was Carol's name that came to mind. So I studied the Apostasy for her in preparation for our lesson. That morning, we had zone meeting and our stake president spoke to us and he said something that hit me so hard. He said "I see miracles happen daily because I EXPECT them to happen daily". That hit me so hard because it was going to take a miracle to see Carol's family come into the gospel. So I prayed and asked if I should invite her into the waters of baptism. Again, immediately I got an answer and it was yes. So that evening I asked her. Before the lesson, I went into the bathroom and prayed and asked to see a miracle happen. Sure enough, it happened! She has a baptismal date for the 29th! I am so humbled by what happened because it truly was a miracle that we were able to see her prepare herself to make the commitment.

The other experience I had was with our lesson with Ben. We were able to get his mother, Eva, to come going in on the lesson. We taught her and I invited her to be baptized on the first lesson. At first she was hesitant but I kept talking and I saw the Spirit hit her with a freight train. Her whole countenance changed and I could see that the words we were telling her were starting to sink in. We tried so hard to get her to pray but she wouldn't... However, it was so amazing to see the Spirit act so quickly on her.

On a sad note, Christopher M***** got ran over by a truck on Friday and had to go to the hospital. He broke his pelvis on both sides. He has surgery today to get plates and screws to fix the break. We went down to Loma Linda Hospital to go give him a blessing at midnight. We aren't supposed to leave our area but this was a spirit of the law situation. He could have gone into surgery that night or later so we got the call that he needed it now. I got so emotional seeing him in pain and he isn't even my child. The tears were flowing when I laid hands on his head to give him a blessing. I gave him a blessing as well as his mother. He is doing well now so hopefully he will start to get better.

We went tracting and it was Elder Johnson's first time going. We went with the Spanams so we could have Spanish and English together. We sent the two greenies together to go knock doors! It was awesome, Johnson almost killed me but it helped him SO much. His street contacting is so much better now from it. I love seeing him progress and grow. It is like seeing my own kid grow!

Some side notes, my Spanish is getting pretty good! I can contact someone and get their address for the Spanish Missionaries. My knowledge of the Bible is really starting to pay off because I can talk to people on the street about it. My OYMing is improving and it is from studying and being obedient. I am still struggling with the whole Taylor situation, as you could probably imagine, however things are getting better. My mindset has taken a complete 180 degree turn and I have become more focused. I hate admitting that I am wrong but... this is what is best for us. Even though it sucks like CRAZY, it is helping me become a better missionary. Plus it is making me become more reliable on the Lord because I seriously hit rock bottom... But things are looking up and all I can do now is pray. Maybe the Lord will hear that plea for two years and make that one of the blessings of being the missionary I can become. Good thing is, we will still write and she is still there for me. I could lose the romantic part of our relationship but I would be lost if she wasn't there for me as a best friend. So things are starting to look up. Happiness is a choice and that is a choice I am going to make!

I don't need anything at this moment. However, I will never object in getting something from y'all in the mail :). Thank you for your prayers and support. Love y'all and miss y'all so much!

Elder Tonini

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