Tuesday, September 4, 2012

email: September 4, 2012

We got transfer calls and... I am going to be staying in Beaumont and I will be training a new missionary. Kinda crazy in two regards (1) I will be training when I feel very unqualified and (2) I will be staying in Beaumont. I guess the Lord has more in store for me here in Beaumont. Elder Larson went to be a Zone Leader out in Lake Elsinore where Mary lives. That will be a good learning experience for him as well. I am excited for the new opportunity and hopefully it will take my mind off of things back home. Time to shoot for the stars and help my new companion be the best missionary he can be.

It was a fun week 6 for me. We didn't hit our quota for OYMs but we got 20 lessons, teaching five on Sunday to make it to 20. We gave a lot of service this week so that kinda hurt our OYMs. We even gave service to someone on Sunday; their ox was in the mire so we helped them out. Victor is really progressing and he is seriously thinking about going on a mission. He has even taught a few lesson lately and did really well. It was his birthday on Saturday so we baked him a cake. He has seriously become my best friend out here. That is a friendship that is going to last forever. We are already making plans to go to the temple in San Diego for him to receive his endowments.

We had a good lesson with Robert's wife, Carol, on Sunday night. We were there until 10:30 on Sunday, oops. We think she is sooooo close to being ready to come into the waters of baptism. That will be amazing to see happen. The Lord works in mysterious ways and He has really prepared her to hear the gospel message. We are going over there on Friday for dinner, Robert wants me to cook so I think I am going to grill up some meat Texas style. I have NO IDEA how to cook Texas style so I think I'm going to wing it. I saw that you got the picture's from Momma O'Harra, I don't look too bad in those pictures! Austin O'Harra got his call to Guatemala and he leaves in December which is super exciting.

Well, that is all I can think of. I am learning soooo much here. I deep cleaned the apartment so it looks really nice. If I can learn to be more cleanly then my future wife will actually enjoy living with me! Hope y'all have a wonder week and cannot wait to hear from y'all soon. Keep up the hard work and remember that your missionary loves you.

Elder Tonini

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