Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Isn't Your Parent's Mission

When Greg and I served our mission, our parents had very little contact with the mission office. I don't know if it is part of the communication age we live in or the fact that he is State-side, but I have already spoken to the mission office three times. Today they called ME while I was in the car pool line at school.

Sister Haygood called to report that our missionary arrived safe and sound. She told me that they already love him and can tell that he will be a great missionary (does she tell that to every mom???) He had his interview with the mission president and would be heading over to the mission home for dinner and testimony meeting tonight. She told me that the missionaries were well fed and that they would be well fed again tonight! Drew was worried about the whole dinner thing. I think he will be well taken care of!

His p-day will be on Monday's and that all mail, if sent USPS, can be forwarded on to him. I am grateful that he had safe arrival and such a warm reception. He will be assigned a trainer tonight and go to his new area. He will be in the first area at least until June and then who knows where he will go. I'm sure one proud momma!!!

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