Wednesday, March 14, 2012

email: March 14, 2012

We received another email from Drew today.  He is anxious to get to the field (he leaves next Tuesday) although he is has already had to say one goodbye:  our trio of Taiwan Elders left today to go to the Asian district to start learning Madrien. it was hard to say goodbye but thats where they need to be. 

Even with the short amount of time that he has spent in the MTC, his knowledge and understanding of the gospel has increased. As he put it:

Learning about the gospel has given me a whole knew outlook on the doctrine and how I should really apply it to my life. The gospel is true and the Spirit is amazing.

He is already getting thing ready for his departure, checking with the travel department to see how much cash he needs to have on hand (to pay for his luggage - you would think the Church could have negotiated the baggage fee for as many tickets that they buy!) and last minute purchases at the bookstore.  He purchased one packback (without a hydration system) and now he wants to buy another one?!?  That son of ours!

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