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email: May 27, 2013

Subj: Another Week Down!

How was y'all's week? Did you ever find the Feist family up in ND? Their son is so much fun to serve with. We work hard and play hard together haha. It was a good week for us the area is really starting to pick up. Here was a low down of my week:

Monday was our PDay and that was always a good time. Even though I am fairly new to the zone, we have a lot of fun together. Elder Feist brought his two gloves from home and I got to throw with him. Oh my goodness, it felt so good to get out and throw. I got my hair cut at Sister D****'s house and that was amazing. She runs a salon out of her house and it was super nice to sit down and get my hair cut. That is one of the most relaxing things I can do, I love getting it cut. Our dinner unexpectedly had to eat at 4 pm so that kind of threw us off our usual routine but we made it work. We had two appointments for the night and all of them fell through. So we went and got our OYMs and tried to contact more people. It was kind of a weird PDay but it was still productive.

We had our usual DDM on Tuesday and went to DQ for lunch. We get free DQ, it is super awesome haha. We ran home and waited for our mini missionary to get to us so we could go out and work. I drove out to Homeland to go and work on the names that we got to go see from the Bishop. We knocked off almost five names off the list out in the middle of nowhere Homeland. It actually reminds me of Seminole in a way, just the set up of the city. Our lesson with JayR went really well! This is a family that we are trying so hard to get in and to teach. Elder Hawkins made really good analogy with a glass table and the analogy with the Apostasy. It really made sense to him and it is starting to click, hopefully. Our dinner was at Red Robin and it was terrible... There was baseball one the TVs and it was so hard to focus. Seriously, baseball is my weakness haha. After dinner, we ran to the O*****'s to give them a blessing and to leave a blessing with them. They are such a cute old couple! The husband is 90 and the wife is 88. It was awesome. We went and stopped by Aaron's place and we started to go over his old mission stuff. He misses his mission so much, I don't ever want mine to end! It was a good first day with our mini.

Our Wednesday started off with giving service to a family that is moving up to Anza. They has some big stuff so they called in the big guns to help move :) haha. That took up almost our whole morning. We showered, studied for a little bit then ran off to go knock some doors. We ended up finding these two high school girls that let us in. We had Porter with us so we could actually get in the door! The one girl answered the door in a tight shirt and spandex bottoms. Oh man haha but luckily we had Porter there so it all worked out. They asked us a lot of questions and we left them with a blessing. We set something up to come by on Thursday. We had another Ward Mission Plan (WMP) lesson with the B****'s and the craziest thing happened. So I gave their two year old son my military scripture case for him to play with. He walked around with them for a while then he does something that made my jaw dropped. The son THROWS the box at his pregnant mother's stomach. My jaw dropped! I felt so bad... It was terrible. It was a great way to end the night. NOT! But she was okay, it all worked out.

We weekly planned on Thursday and got ready for the week. Porter was a champ and he helped us out to plan for everyone. After that, we went out knocking and had our lesson with Kendra and Zante (the two girls we met the day before). We had a lesson and it went well. We aren't exactly sure how we are going to keep teaching them but we are going to make it work. Our dinner was awesome, the kids were amazing. I have such a good ward here in Hemet. I love it. Our WMP lesson with the C**** went okay. They drive me nuts and they believe in a lot of false doctrine. It isn't our place to correct but we did let the ward council know about it. The last lesson of the night was with the L***** family. They moved out of our area but we still went and saw them for the last time. We are going to hand them over the the correct elders for them to go over and see them. Thursdays are one of the hardest days to be productive because we lose a lot of time with planning but it all worked out :).

Friday was INSANE. We went on exchanges and Elder Baltazar came with me into my area. Our morning was filled with making more visits to the people on our ward list project and getting their info. We had some pretty nasty rejections; some guy told us to "leave him the HELL alone and get of my doorstep!" It was interesting haha. We had almost 40 OYMs by the time we had to go to our lesson with Stevie. She is getting ready to be baptized in June so that is exciting! After that, we had NOTHING. Everything cancelled and we already visited everyone for the day so we thought to go and contact people. I had an idea to hop in Porter's Wrangler and talk to people as we drove by at stoplights and people outside walking with is PA system in his Jeep. Guess how many people we ended up contacting for the day? 143 people! It was crazy. I had so much fun. We then ate dinner at DQ again because we had no dinner for the night. That was seriously one of the best exchanged I have ever been on. We even went off roading! Icing on the cake :).

Oh my, I seriously thought I threw my back out on Saturday. We helped a potential investigators move their house and it was rough. We moved these SUPER heavy beds up two flights of stairs. That seriously lasted all day. It was rewarding but it was rough. OH! Guess who came and saw me on Saturday? Elder Scoffield! I loved seeing him. I haven't seen him in almost a year. He road his bike down here from Utah, 720 miles. It was good to see him. We seriously moved all day and it super bad. My back hurts so bad. We got our OYMs and came in because I was hurting super bad. I am okay now but it was bad on Saturday.

Guess who ended up getting the chance to speak on Sunday? I did! The youth speaker got sick and so the second councilor asked me to speak five minutes before the meeting. I love speaking in front of people. Being a missionary is awesome because I can speak on any gospel topic with no time to prepare. Everyone liked it; I talked about myself and my family, basically introduced myself to the ward. I spoke on my favorite topic: the Atonement. I loved it. After our correlation meeting with our ward mission leader, he asked me about me giving up baseball to come on my mission. That amazed him, that I would give that up to come here. I guess I earned a lot of respect from people because of that. After our meeting, we ran down to Home land to teach Ross. He is such an awesome guy. He is really soaking up the gospel. We taught the first part of the Plan of Salvation and committed him to stop drinking and smoking so he can be baptized. He really wants to do it so we will be having a legit baptism here pretty soon! Our dinner was sick and so we contacted people and then came in to study for the rest of the night. Overall, we are seeing huge progress from this area already. It has HUGE potential and I am excited to get the work moving forward.

I sure love each and every one of y'all. I love the gospel and how true it is. I love my mission and I never want to leave it! Have a wonderful week and I will talk to y'all soon :). Thank you for sending me that package! If you could, could the iPod have a screen so it is easier to navigate through the content? That would help me out a ton! Love you and thank you for your love and support :).

Elder Tonini

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