Monday, May 20, 2013

email: May 20, 2013

Ready for my week? Here we go!

Monday was a good PDay; I played some basketball and then I went home and lifted in the garage. I did legs and I got up pretty high. My power-cleans got up to 225 pounds and my squat was 315 pounds. I was I was doing reps as well so it was a pretty good day. We got our OYMs (Open Your Mouths) and went to our appointments for the night. We got into a part-member family (PMF) and got to teach them. Hopefully we can pick up the husband and the kids as new investigators here in the next few weeks. Our lesson with Nikki on Tuesday went well and we picked her up as a new investigator. We had our usual DDM meeting and then went to Dairy Queen to get our lunch. A member of the stake owns it so we get to eat there for free! Luckily, we only eat there once a week so it is all good. We went and gave someone a blessing we found tracting but she TOTALLY rejected our blessing and didn't feel "anything" so we left. We had dinner with our bishop and we stopped by to see another PMF and tried to get in to teach him. It is a son-in-law to the N*****'s and he is a sweet guy but it going to take some time with him. Our ward mission process (WMP) lesson with the B***'s went well too. We had our less-active lesson with Aaron and that went well. He is a super cool guy and he has been through a lot. I am not a HUGE fan of less active work but I will do some and we are starting to see some fruits of our labors.

We rode our bikes to our lesson with Juan and Courtney to save some miles. After our lesson with them, I was ridding no handed when I heard this huge metal pop. I had no idea what it was so I just kept ridding. Come to find out, I ended up popping a spoke. Wonderful. So we took the bikes to Russ D**** in the ward, he runs a custom bike shop, and get the bike checked. He couldn't fix the spoke so I am going to another shop. That wasn't even the best part of the day either. The ZL's gave us a referral to meet up with a young guy at the Sonic in our area. So we went to Sonic (YES THERE IS A SONIC IN MY AREA!) and met with him. While we were sitting there, this guy came up to us and wanted to talk after he got his sandwich. When he sat down, he asked my comp to open up to Isaiah 7 and then to Matthew 1. My first thoughts were "oh crap, get ready to bash" and sure enough the guy just bashed hard on us. It seriously lasted like 20 minutes then he left to his car. Before he drove off, he yelled a few things to us. Five minutes later, he comes back up to us to apologize that we said all the stuff and then kept bashing! I was BEYOND PISSED. I only said a few sentences to him because I would've lost my temper and he wouldn't listen to us. His points were stupid and his arguments we not even valid. Oh man, it pissed me off. I had to go home to cool down.

Our dinner was with the ward clerk that I got to know better and then off to a bishopric meeting to go over the ward list. We got a list of 50 names to go see. Better get crackin' on it.

Thursday was kind of a slow day, all we did was weekly plan and tract basically. Our dinner was with the M****'s and then we had another WMP lesson with the C****. They are an interesting couple but they were fun to teach. We did though meet with another PMF and picked up the husband as a new investigator. He was taken the lessons quite a bit but hopefully he will come around.

Friday was pretty much the same as every day. We tracted and made visits. We did though, meet with one of our investigators and had a good lesson on baptism. We then got to go do some service for a family in our ward. He is moving to another ward but he needed the big guns to come help move so he called us. We went to Sonic afterwards and then called it good for a night.

Sam A***** in one of the other wards took us to Applebees for breakfast which was a fundraiser for the local high school cheerleader squad. It was a good breakfast and then we came back home and did our studies. We made more visits and then went to dinner with the San Jacinto Elders because we didn't have a dinner. It was super fun, I loved it. The family was super chill so it was fun. Our lesson with the G***** family was super fun. We tried the whole boiled egg and rubbing alcohol lesson and it blew up on us but it was still fun. We took our team-up to visit another PMF and taught the husband and the son. We want to meet the wife but we think there is something sketchy going on there so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Sunday was super fun because I got to go back to MoVal for a baptism! Church went well and we had an interesting guy come to church. When we saw Hawkins, he told him to lift up his shirt, in the foyer, and check out this "dog bite" he had. He wasn't dressed in his Sunday best and he kept going crazy. He got up over 20 times and he was crazy! So Eric S***** escorted him out and the guy told him that he is the French President and that the FBI are stalking his house. I thought he was on meth because of his pick marks on his body but apparently he was skitzo that didn't take his meds. We taught our golden investigator and he told us he wants to be baptized! Ohhhh yeah. I then left to go back to MoVal and that was awesome. I love the Samoan ward! I also got to see Anita so that was good. I met the Sisters and apparently one of them was new to the area and had heard a lot about me and she wanted to meet me. Ohhh boy. But it was good to see Coleman and McClain. I seriously miss that ward! I love all the wards I have served in.

Other than that, things are going well. I am working as hard as I can and working the hardest. I know that this is the Lords work and I love it! I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I have the best family ever! Love yall :)

Elder Tonini

P.S. Look up a Fiest family in Minot! I am serving with their son!

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