Monday, February 11, 2013

email: February 11, 2013

Thank you for the birthday wishes, I was weird to not have a birthday with Jake but that's okay, he knows that I love him. I thought a lot about him on Sunday, wondering how he was doing. He is such a good kid. I am glad that everyone survived this week with Dad being gone. Nothing really eventful happened this week but I will fill you in on something that happened this week.

I'll skip to Wednesday. We went to Mutual to practice with the youth on their youth program that they were doing for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. Something cool that happened was that one of our recent converts had a referral for us. It was a friend of hers that lives in Riverside. I sent the referral over to them and come to find out that it was the AP's area and they are teaching her. Her friend was super prepared and she accepted baptism on the first lesson. That was a blessing to see happen as well.

Oh man, on Friday it seriously snowed here in MoVal! It was super cold and it started to rain. Along with the rain came the snow. We have a companionship on bike and boy did I feel for them! I felt so bad that everyone had to be out in that terrible weather. We knocked doors before it got too bad then went to our lesson with Anita. She is making so much progress, it is insane. We had a lesson and at the end, she was asked to pray. Now her fellowshipper was giving her ideas for what she could pray for and I told her that she could also ask when she should get baptized. She already knows that she wants to be baptized but she doesn't know exactly when. Anita thought I was being pushy when I wasn't! I said it in a nice, loving way. I think she was playing around but still, she threw me under the bus during the prayer.

After that, we got a call from our Elders Quorum president that he needs help out at the horse ranch to put up a shelter. So we threw on the boots and wranglers and went to go help them at the ranch. I love going there, I feel so at home. We got so muddy and wet from the pouring rain. Worst part of it all, it was about 35 degrees outside. I am so going to die when I get to Minot... But it was good to spend that time with them.

Saturday was an... interesting day. We went to our appointments like usual, after going to breakfast at the home of the high councilmen over missionary work, then went bowling with a part member family. The father has been a non-member for a very long time and we are trying to work with him to get baptized. I have heard many reasons why he hasn't made the commitment yet but I haven't heard it from him. It was the youngest son's birthday on the 8th and mine was on the 10th so they invited us to come bowl with them. It was a good break and a nice birthday surprise. After that, we went and knocked doors, went out to eat with Jeffrey, and went home to weekly plan.

Sunday we confirmed Ester in the Samoan ward so that was good. Also our program for the youth went VERY well. Both Jeffrey and Blake did a wonderful job. Jeff even got choked up while he was talking. Then we sang the EFY medley and there honestly wasn't a dry eye in the chapel, including mine. I stood between my two boys, Jeffrey and Blake, proud as I could be. Remember Elder Chambers, my trainer? He called me and sang me happy birthday and chatted for a little while. It was a good surprise. He told me that he saw a picture of me on Instagram and Corina posted a picture of me. She needs to talk to him! Anyways, before Chambers called I called Grandpa (Patriarch) Baugh and he came over to help give me a blessing. I told him my situation because he noticed I wasn't me so he knew something was up. So I talked to him about it and we chatted for a little while. I slept for the whole afternoon; we had to cancel our dinner with Ester's sister's family. They brought over food and a present for me. When I woke up, four hours later, I opened my gift. You'll never guess what it was. It was a brand new RED UKULELE! I was so excited! I love it and I play it all the time. I'll send a picture next week. All the boys came over that night and helped me feel better. We also went to the Baugh's because they wanted to check up on me. Their home seriously feels like Grandma and Grandpa Tonini's home. I love it there. Sister Smart called as well to wish me a happy birthday and we had a good visit. She is awesome, I love President and Sister Smart. Hopefully this next week will be better. I already treated myself to a new haircut, I got edged up and faded. It looks awesome. I'll send pictures as well.

Thank you for the package, I really needed those ear socks for my Oakley’s! Next purchase will be new lenses. Well, that's all from me. I love you all and miss y'all terribly. Have a great week.

Elder Tonini

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