Saturday, November 24, 2012

Text from Sister O'Harra

Sister O'Harra:  Hey Sister Tonini!  Elder Tonini is getting transferred on Monday!  He is going to be a zone leader in Moreno Valley, about 20 minutes from here.

Me:  Wow wow wow.  I know he feels he's not ready but the Lord has other things for him to do.

Sister O'Harra:  He is SOOOO ready!  He is an amazing leader and Victor is strong on his feet!  Another "Victor" needs him!!  Austin is taking him out to lunch!  :)

Me:  Wow.  When will he go?

Sister O'Harra:  He leaves Monday :(

Me:  Wow!!!  I am really excited for him!!  I too think he is ready to go on.

Sister O'Harra:  I will miss him so much!  He has been a common "fixture" at our table.  Ha ha.

Me:  Great.  tell him how proud we are of him.  Thanks so much for all you have done for him.  Hopefully there will be another "Sister O'Harra" for him and me!!

Sister O'Harra:  There are always missionary moms out there.  I have had a chance to experience the joy at my end. 

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