Monday, November 19, 2012

email: November 19, 2012

So it is finally week six in the mission and you know what that means: transfers are in the air! So we will see what happens and if I stay or go. To be honest, I am having a gut feeling that I am staying here for another transfer. I feel like I haven't finished my purpose here in Beaumont. I know that sounds crazy but that is the impression that I have been getting all week so we will see.

I didn't get an email from Momma... but it is all good. I seriously have the most beautiful sister ever! My jaw was dropped when I saw the pictures she sent to me. She is going to be a heart breaker very soon if she isn't already. Plus she is already super fun to be around. What better combo could there be?! Jake sounds like he is doing well. I miss my best friend... But I am glad he is doing well. He is going to be an awesome college student and an awesome missionary. I am glad you liked the pictures from Victor's ordination at the O'Hara's. Even though they are not in my ward, that home feels like home away from home. That is a relationship that will last forever. Alright, time to tell you about my week.

Monday was a usual P-Day and we went to play Disc Golf with Robert. He is working a lot so it is always nice to get to spend time with him. We played for a while then did the usual things: laundry, email, write letters, etc. We then had dinner and went to Victor's to teach him more about the Priesthood. He has seriously become my best friend out here. It was so emotional for me to see him get ordained an Elder. It is crazy to think that he had made this much progress since I have been here and I have gotten to see it all. I honestly feel like if I hadn't gone on my mission, he would not be in the Church or where he is right now. Heck, he is planning in going on a mission! That is awesome in itself.

On Tuesday, we went to email because the library was closed on Monday because of Veterans Day. So we did that in the morning and had lunch. Afterwards, we went out and started to tract using the new method. We haven't gotten into a house yet but we are not giving up on it. That night, we went over to teach Janie and get her ready for baptism that happened this weekend.

On Wednesday, we taught Archie and we had an interesting lesson. We taught about the Book of Mormon and we invited him to read. He then started to freak out and say stuff like "Man, I like you guys! If I read the Book of Mormon and find out that its true, I am going to have to be baptized!" and other stuff like that. He told us that if we find where it says that the Sabbath is on a Sunday, then he would convert. He is Seventh Day Adventist so we see differently on that area. That night, we had our lesson with Jacob again. However, this lesson did not go according to plan. Half way through the lesson, he gets up and leaves to go to the other room. His grandmother finds him sobbing on the floor, struggling with his depression that he was feeling. I sat down next to him, grabbed him in my arms and held him as he sobbed. We finally got him to calm down and feel better. However, he struggled that night and couldn't sleep. He even fell on the floor and his grandmother had to get him back up. She called us at 1:30 am, asking us to come and give him a blessing. I fell asleep with the phone next to me ON VIBRATE and I still woke up to the phone call. So we threw on our shirts, ties, and jackets and rode over to give him a blessing in the wee hours of the morning. I honestly think that he is the reason why I need to stay in Beaumont, to help him get better and into the waters of baptism. However, it isn't my will but God's will so we will have to see.

We had Jannie's baptism interview on Thursday night. Our Zone Leaders came and gave her the interview because I can't do it due to the fact that I am the District Leader. We were sitting outside the apartment and we were talking to some of the neighbors. One of them was watching her one-year old son running around and he gave me rocks the entire time. Before that, he picked up an unlit cigarette, put it to his mouth, dropped it, smashed it with his foot and walked away. His mom says "yup, that is my son!" I was in shock when I saw that happen! This world is going to the dumps... We need to raise our children in the ways of Christ otherwise things are only going to get worse! Jannie did pass her interview, that she was SUPER nervous about, and we are ready to get her baptized on Saturday!

Friday was all about making sure that we have everything ready for the baptism on Saturday. We got the programs printed out and ready, building scheduled, people assigned to different tasks and for Jannie to be ready. We went over to the Ross' to get the program printed out. We tracted, using the new Harvesting Method, helped one of our investigators move a swing set over a fence and went to a return appointment to do the blessing. We took Victor with us and it went well. When we knocked on the door, the guy was surprised to see us because no one has ever come back! He invited us in and we got to know the family. They are a young family, with a two-year old boy and another boy on the way. They both haven't been to church in a long time so they were interested in the blessing. The blessing that Elder Johnson left with them was super powerful. They really felt the Spirit strongly there in their living room. I talked about eternal families and how that can be a possibility. We are supposed to invite them to baptism after the blessing but I felt prompted to do otherwise. It was cool to actually be able to get into a home and do the blessing! The Spirit was so strong there, it was crazy awesome.

Saturday was the big day! It was time for Jannie to get baptized. However, we went and visited Mike again. When we were ridding over there, I was fully preparing myself for another scriptural bash. But that was not the case, it turned into a mini testimony meeting! He asked us what our testimonies were and so we shared that with him. It was super powerful and he got to know me a little more personally. He asked us if he can interview us on his Internet radio show but I am not sure how we will do that. We will have to know the questions ahead of time so that we know what to say. Mother Nature decided that she wanted to pour on us so it did. We rode around in the pouring rain. That night was Jannie's baptism and it went super well. Victor talked on baptism and the Holy Ghost and Elder Johnson baptized her. It was a super spiritual experience for her and she loved it. She really did feel the newness of life afterwards.

Jannie got confirmed on Sunday and she is ready to take on the world! After church, we went to Victor's ordination and that went really well! I got all teared up because I was so proud of him. After that, we got our 20 OYMs and spent the rest of the day with members then Johnson and I talking for a good hour on the steps of the library until 9 pm so we would be obedient. We even saw a drug deal go down outside our apartment before we went to dinner! Not cool. Overall, it was a very productive week and a very spiritual week. Things are going well and I am being safe. I am getting over illness and I am feeling well. Hope things are going well and everyone is in good spirits. Enjoy Thanksgiving and have fun with the family! I love y'all and miss y'all terribly.

Elder Tonini

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