Sunday, January 15, 2012

Helping the Work in Seminole

After our day trip to Lubbock to go to the temple, mission shopping, and to Corina's game, I came back home to go out with the missionaries to go see some prospective investigators. We had planned to go teach but we ended up not teaching anyone because no one was home. The elders taught me an important lesson in that things never go according to plan but it is still very important to plan.

In between meetings today at church, the elders asked if I would go on splits with them and I gladly accepted. We went out at four in the afternoon and did not return back home until seven in the evening. Elder Clark and I taught almost the entire time we were out. We stopped by Matt's house again to see if he was available for a lesson but he was not so we went and taught an investigator that is in the process of be ready to be baptized within the next two weeks. Elder Clark told me after that lesson that I had done a good job in helping teach and that my testimony was as solid as a rock. That was a confidence booster to hear that compliment from a senior missionary that has been in the field for almost his full two years. So we then went tracting because we had some time to kill before our next appointment at seven. We headed over to these apartment builds that the Elders have been dying to tract in. Our first conversation did not go well. Elder Clark talked with a Mennonite man that butted heads with us over the doctrine. However, it was cool to hear him speak German to his kids. Our next stop was a couple of doors which was the home of a young couple. They let us in openly and we actually talked to them for almost an hour and a half about spiritual topics! They were an amazing couple, very spiritual and in tune with the promptings of the spirit. When we asked them if we could come by again to teach they openly said yes, that they are always open to learn. Both Elder Clark and I had a special feeling about that family when we left their apartment; we both felt like this could lead to something wonderful for this family. That experience got me so excited to go on a mission. I had the greatest feeling during and after our talk with that family. Today really cemented why I want to be a missionary, so I can feel the spirit every single waking moment of the day and to help bring others unto Christ.

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