Monday, February 10, 2014

"I just threw a bike over the wall into a dumpster... What in the heck was I thinking?!?" - Elder Anderson

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Oh my goodness, I about jumped out of my seat when I read Jake's email about him getting his call! Ready for my week? Leggo!

Monday was SUPER busy for us. We left the house around 9:30 that morning and didn't come home until 9:30 that night. We were running the entire time! We went to some stores and then to email. We went to the mall and walked around then we went to dinner with Sister B***. We went to our hole in the wall diner that Elder Anderson and I love. It was a good time with Sister B***. The crazy thing that we saw on the way home was when we went to OYM this guy on the side walk, he was getting ready to shoot up heroine, tourniquet, needle and everything. Pretty crazy way to ride home to!

Tuesday was started out by having interviews with President Smart. However, while I was waiting for my turn, I got talking to Sister Pierce and I found out some awesome news! Remember Ken E***? I baptized him while I was in Moreno Valley. Well, I guess that she is starting to talk to him now! I was so stoked to hear about that! We actually planned on going to lunch on Saturday so that will be good. After interviews, we went and taught Tom again and we are starting to make some headway with him again. We are having a good sit down lesson with him so that will be good. After that, we had to run off to dinner but on the way there, we taught five street lessons and got a few return appointments that will hopefully pan out this week. Our dinner was with Dale P**** and it was a lot of fun. He is a sportscaster and we talked a lot of baseball. Coolest thing, he gave a triple combination to Brad Lidge! Super sick! Jake would've died to talk to Dale haha. He told me to continue my dream of playing professional baseball and to keep working on it. So who knows that will happen. We had finished our OYMs and so we went home to study.

Wednesday was DDM and I trained using baseball as my teaching tool.. I taught about closing deals, as in closing people for baptism and so I used the analogy of a closing pitcher on a baseball team and how we need to be that closing pitcher. It was so much fun! My poor sisters had no idea what I was saying haha. There is only one sister that would've understood me but she's in Menifee now. Anyways, it was a good teaching tool and I think that everyone understood my point I was trying to make. We went to go see Izzy, who is a recent convert in the Spanish ward that wants to come to the English ward now. We have been teaching her and we taught her for the first time so that went well. We then OYM’d a lady from San Antonio and we helped her with some stuff as she is moving into the complex. We were going to come back for a blessing but it could turn into a bash. Joyful. We then taught Allison and Nick again and we came just right at the right time. It's funny how the Lord sends us to help other people. Allison really needed us and we felt prompted to come over and see her. We were late leaving her house to get to our dinner but we got to Cale's for dinner in time. Both of us were outta breath but that's the way life is. We taught Cale and Jimmy and then headed home for the night. We had gotten out OYMs earlier that day so we were good for the night.

We taught Ivan again on Thursday and we basically had the “drop” lesson with him. However, he is coming today to the trampoline park with us for my birthday so that'll be fun. Anyways, we basically told him that we can't keep coming if he isn't going to make the effort on his part so we have to part ways. It was all right though; he took it well. After lunch, it started to rain after we tried to see Izzy again and her neighbor and so we had to put the rain gear on and go back out. We rode up to Paul R***’s house to see how he was doing and we ended up leaving his Mother with a blessing! Hopefully we can start teaching her too. It was cold and raining... Not cool with the way I have been feeling lately but I powered through it. We had dinner at home then we went to see Allison and Nick again. We go by there every night for daily contact and to make sure that they are doing okay. I sure do love those little kids though! We then ran over to see William and his family but once again... He wasn't home so we talked with our ward mission leader’s wife.

Friday was very interesting. We made some visits that didn't happen but then we stopped by the Goodwill to see if there is a suit for me to get so I can burn it for my two year mark but Elder Anderson ended up getting some black cowboy boots! Ahhh yeah! Then on the way home, Elder Anderson's tire busted and we spent all afternoon trying to fix it. With no success, we had to use the Frankenbike and go to dinner. Long story short: the tire exploded in my face and sent brown liquid everywhere on us. Elder Anderson was so upset that he threw it over the dumpster enclosure and then we walked off. The tire sounded like a gun going off as it sprayed us with nasty crap. We then had to go use the pay phone down the street to call our dinner and in the process, I get frisked by a drunk old Mexican guy. Yup, wasn't a good day. So we then finished up with Allison and Nick and called it a day.

Saturday was AWESOME! We then went to a child of record baptism with them and had a good time there. Elder Anderson has been getting these really bad headaches so we had to stay in for a while so he can get over that. We then made our visits and had dinner with the Johnson family. It was super good, they are an awesome family. Brother Johnson disk golfs! Super sweet!

Sunday was good and it was quite uneventful – in part because we didn't have anyone come to church. All in all, it was an okay week. A lot of ups and downs but I have been relying on my Savior A LOT. I sure do love Him! I love y’all and thank y’all for the birthday wishes!

- Elder Tonini

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