Monday, July 22, 2013

email: July 22, 2013

So the more I hear about Minot, the more I get excited about going back there! I am not getting trunkie, I promise, but people do ask me all the time because I am getting close to the end and people keep reminding me of it. So this was an interesting week. Ready for it?

Let's go.We had a pretty cool PDay last week. We went golfing again and had a pretty good time. The craziest thing was that we looked up at the mountain and we see Idyllwild burning! There was a ton of smoke and we ended up watching the flame from our backyard; we hopped the wall and watched it from there. It was awesome to see the fire from there. It was crazy to watch. We had a good night and got our OYMs so it was good.

On Tuesday we met with JayR and had a sit down with him. We invited him to baptism and he said he is going to really consider it. It was a super spiritual lesson and I felt like we made good headway with it. Now we are waiting for his answer. It has to come quick because he is moving to Provo here at the end of the month. Our evening kind of fell apart but we ended up going to see an awesome family because they needed us to move a table for them because Brother R**** threw his shoulder out and is not getting any better. We stayed a little too long but it was worth going over there.

We helped with a move on Wednesday and it was for the C***** family. The family had some interesting daughters and it actually made me feel kind of uncomfortable to be around them. It is insane how dress and appearance can make an impact. It was good though because he helped them out a ton. Brother C***** then took us out to Steve's burgers and it was awesome. They are such an awesome family. We got out OYMs and after dinner with the M****s we went to Aaron's house again. We played latter ball with the Mackie's and I wrecked! While we were waiting to see Aaron, we got a call from the Idyllwild missionaries and told us that they are getting evacuating the city! They packed up their stuff and the came down to live with us until the evacuation order got lifted. We taught our lesson and we ran home. It has been a blast having the other Elders over. I love Franson and Everett. Franson is my boy! That night, Elder Wood went and bought some Veet to shave our legs. We did it that night and it was super awesome, we had a blast. This will be an interesting week with having them down here!

Our weekly planning session was SUPER DUMB. We had a zone weekly planning and it took ALL DAY LONG. It was super dumb and a waste of time. The ZL's again weren't too happy with us because we came late to the training because we were helping Brother Cole with his computer and stuff with the ward. We got lunch and we ended up getting there an hour late but I didn't feel bad because I thought it was a total waste of time. Our Thursday was pretty shot after that, we had dinner and we got our OYMs basically. That was our day. I wasn't happy but I did it anyways.

Friday was productive with going out with Franson and doing work. It was a normal Friday and we even went to eat pizza with the C*****. We had dinner with the Idyllwild missionaries so that is always fun.

Saturday was filled with talking with people and we went and saw a part-member family (PMF) and had a really good lesson with them. It was super awesome to get to meet them and start teaching them. We then went to the pioneer stake activity. I went with Fiest and got the baseball gloves and we threw for almost two hours. It was awesome but my shoulder is paying the price now. That activity was huge! It was super fun though so it was worth it. I didn't get any food so we had to go make a DQ run so I could go eat something. It was a good night, it has been awesome to have the other missionaries sleep over.

Sunday was super fun and it was funny to see how Franson react being in a real ward. That PMF that we saw on Saturday came to church! It was only the mom but she stayed for the whole church service. We had a really good Sunday and hopefully it made an impact on JayR. I have been really fasting and praying for him so he can come into the gospel. I love that family; he is so close in making that step!

We have a really good ward and I love serving here in Hemet. I will be honest though and say that I am ready for transfers. I love Hawkins but I am ready for a change. I think I know who will be my comp but we will see.I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I rolled my freakin' ankle playing ultimate football so I am in the process of taking care of that. I love you all and hope everything is going well. I got my shirt and I really like them! They are awesome. I haven't gotten my contacts yet but they will be there soon. Thank you for everything!

Love y'all.

Elder Tonini

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