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email: April 22, 2013

There Were A Lot Of Prayers Said In My Behalf This Week

Ready for my week? Here we go :)

So like the subject stated, a lot of bad things could have happened this week but the prayers of my family and friends kept me safe. It all started on Monday afternoon. We hiked up to the M again and had a super fun time. I was prepared this time and brought my Camelbak with me so I was hydrated. On the way down, we basically ran down the side of the mountain. I tweaked both of my ankles but the kicker was when I got almost down to the bottom of the mountain. I was running down the trail, dodging rocks and hazards when I didn't see a rock and I tripped over it. I went flying forward and landed on my chest and slid down the trail about five feet. I smashed my shoulder and elbow on a rock and cut my hand up pretty badly. But I got back up and kept going. I didn't realize how badly I was hurt until my adrenaline wore off. I was hurting pretty bad... I was super lucky I didn't break anything. So that was a great way to start of my week, needless to say.

We had DDM on Tuesday and it was a lot of fun. After our meeting, we had to wait for the bike missionaries to finish so we could take them home. While we waited, we started to draw on the board. Coleman told us about his alien phase he went through and so we started to draw an alien scene. it was super funny. We had a lesson with LQ again and she was super funny. Before dinner, we felt like we needed to knock this one street and so we got out of the car and knocked on the first door. The family let us in and we gave them a blessing and taught a lesson. It is a family of three and they are very interested in the Church. The crazy thing was that their door was the first door we knocked on. 100% door knocking efficiency! We had dinner with the Rascon family and that was super fun as well. The only bad thing was that we got a call from President telling us that we had a situation with another Elder having an iPhone. So we got to take care of that the following day. Not the way I wanted to end my night.

We had to take care of that issue with the iPhone on Wednesday morning along with having our phone wack out and power cycle on us... We lost everything because we got a new phone. Over 500 plus contacts gone... Oh well, gotta roll with the punches. So we watched that Elder mail home the iPhone then talk with the Sisters about their companionship issues. They were on exchanges and the sister that came up from Menifee was a new 19 year-old sister and dangggg was she pretty! This is gonna get back in the mission with elder/sister relationships. So we handled that situation then went to Riverside to get a new phone. That was basically our day. Taught Norma and LQ again and helped them to continue to progress.

We weekly planned on Thursday and got ready for our week. We saw LQ three times this week! We tried to get her to come on a church tour but her knee wouldn't let her. So we just taught her on her doorstep. Our night finished by going to see Ken and talking more with him. I love that guy so much! He is awesome and super converted to the gospel.

Friday didn't start out the best when I ALMOST got a street sweeping ticket while we were out making a visit. I saw the truck coming down the road and I made the split second decision to sprint to the car and pull it into a drive way to avoid a $58 ticket. Those prayers are paying off! Our lesson with Anita went well as we helped her get ready for her baptism. Saturday is the big day!

Mormon Helping Hands was on Saturday morning but we decided to skip out on it because we knew that the baptism would take the rest of the day so we went out to proselyte before we had to commit to the baptism. We got to the church super early so we can be well prepared for the baptism. We had to deal with the priesthood session of stake conference so that really stressed me out. Trying to keep Anita happy and coordinating around the meeting was a headache. I talked on the Holy Ghost and I got emotional in front of everyone. I couldn't help it again... Brother Collins did the baptism and it went well! We had the water as high as it could go. After that, Anita took all of us out to eat to a steak house and payed for it all. It was super good though but I felt so bad that she paid for it. I got to see Ete, Spencer, and Craig again! Overall, it went as smooth as it could go. Anita is happy and now officially in the Church. Our zone had THREE baptisms this weekend! Oh yeah!

Sunday was relaxing and we had our normal day. Stake conference was a good one and it was all on missionary work. Hopefully this will get the members excited about missionary work. We took Cashman out with us to make some visits and then took Skye out and got two member present lessons! He is such a stud of a kid, I love him dearly. Then we turned numbers and now it is PDay again! Time is flying and I hate it...

Well, that is all from Cali for this week. I am doing okay, getting better. I love y'all and I am so grateful for your prayers in my behalf. Thank you for the shoes! They are awesome :) I actually get up and run now! Have a wonderful week and keep me updated on the move to ND! Can't wait to hear from y'all again soon :).

Elder Tonini

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